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How to Find a Job

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With the recent economic environment, a lot of people have found themselves out of work and naturally have come to me looking for brilliant job seeking advice.  Here are some of the gems of knowledge that I have spread around on the subject: Try to spell several words wrong on… Read more »

So You Want to Make an Anime?

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A lot of anime is getting pretty generic these days, so much so that just about anyone can make one.  This is a handy little guide about the ubiquitous things that should appear in your Generime: No parents: you can choose yourself whether you want to have them already dead,… Read more »

Generic Harem Anime Bingo

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Since so many of the harem animes are the same generic thing over and over, why not have fun with it by making up a bingo card and playing along while watching?  If an event happens, you get a stamp on your card: main character sounds like Kyon from Haruhi… Read more »

Childood Friend Review Form

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Dear Madam, As you are aware, the role of a childhood friend is a very important one in society.  As your neighbor has no parents / one parent who is working out of the country it is very important that you fulfill your duties.  It has come to our attention… Read more »