Generic Harem Anime Bingo

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Since so many of the harem animes are the same generic thing over and over, why not have fun with it by making up a bingo card and playing along while watching?  If an event happens, you get a stamp on your card:

  • main character sounds like Kyon from Haruhi
  • main character has a little sister
  • main character has no parents
  • main character has a childhood friend who cooks for him
  • the school has an ojousama in it
  • the school uses bloomers
  • main character trips and his hand lands on someone’s breast/butt
  • someone lands such that their crotch is in the main character’s face
  • main character gets a nosebleed
  • episode is a beach trip
  • episode is a summer festival
  • episode is an onsen visit
  • episode involves bathing suits for no apparent reason
  • little sister has a crush on her brother
  • breasts have that official *squish squish* sound when they’re groped
  • someone does the “oh ho ho” laugh with their hand in front of their mouth
  • someone says “this isn’t a house…it’s a mansion!”
  • episode has a Ruri-type (aka expressionless loli)
  • episode has a hyper energetic girl
  • the magical can of coffee is used to solve a problem in the episode
  • main character has a stash of porn mags discovered
  • someone finishes everything on the table despite the food being awful
  • main character is indecisive and annoying in general yet has a harem (this is pretty much a freebie)
  • main character walks in on someone in the bathroom
  • main character walks in on someone changing
  • You are pretty much aware of what color underwear all of the female characters are wearing